Sunday, August 1, 2010

Incredible Love

It has been a long time since i have written on this page. I feel like "life" is slipping away. I cant believe summer is almost over and another year of school if left. My last year of high school. Crazy. I never thought this day would come to be honest. I cant believe how fast my life is going. So when God says our life is but a vapor in the wind....He's not kidding.
I just got done with camp last Friday and i was amazed once again by my God. It is incredible the love and power that He has. Reggie Dabbs was our speaker and he is such a man of God and such a great preacher. I learned so much from him and God used him big time. The one thing that really stood out to me was on Wednesday night we were doing worship and towards the end of it Reggie came up and had us sing The Power of the Cross again and look up at the screen. When we started singing it again, the Passion of the Christ started to play. The part that Jesus was being nailed to the cross. I couldn't help but cry and just worship my King that die for me. I just couldn't stop crying. As we were singing this song, Reggie pointed out that if i was the only person that has ever sinned, He would still have been beat, whipped how many times, spit on, kicked, carried a heavy cross and then nailed to it and suffered on that cross for me. He would have done that ALL for me if i was the only one. And the crazy amazing thing is, He did. That's the God i serve. I cant process that in my mind. That type of love that He has for His children.
But camp is always a high light of my year and i am always so blessed by it every time i go. I am on fire again and once again am ready to tell the world about this Jesus with incredible love.

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