Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today was a pretty good day. I worked six hours today. Which is kind of a lot for me but to some people that may be little. haha but i realized that the Lord is always watching out for me on the littlest things and the big things. I can always tell that He is right there beside me, which gives me so much comfort. I realized that one of my favorite artist, Kari Jobe, went to the college that i really want to go to. She was saying in a interview how worship has always been a huge passion of hers and that it was her dream to lead people into the presence of God through worship. So she said that CFNI helped her so much with that and has had many opportunities through her experience there. She said that she has learned so much about who God is and about His Word. That just made me all the more want to go. But i know that it is just a year away still and i need to always bring all my thoughts to God first to see if this is where He wants me to go. I learned that SO much can happen in a year. So who knows where the Lord wants me, but at this point i am thinking CFNI.

i come before you as your daughter and i am asking that you will keep reveling yourself to me in a new way each day! i pray that you would keep showing me where you want me to go and what you want me to do with my life. I want to please you and bring a smile to Your face. So please guide me in the way that you want me to go. Help me to have the courage also to where you want me and obey what ever you ask of me. Thank you for supplying my every need. You are so good! I love you so very much.
In Jesus Holy Name.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Friends

I have been thinking about this for a while on being best friends with God. I have always thought that i was pretty great friends with Him. I read my bible, i pray every day, i go to church every Sunday and even participate at church. But when i think about a best friend or one or my best friends, is it the same as my relationship with God? I know that God wants to be best friends with me but He is just waiting for me to come running into His arms. When i think of a best friend you always want to spend time with them, you cant wait to see them next and are always thinking about them. You pretty much cant get enough of your best friend because you just love being around them. Now when i look at the relationship i have with God i see myself thinking that i HAVE to read my bible, that its hard to sit through a church sermon. When i am writing this down and seeing how far i have to go to become best friends with God, it just hurts me so bad. I have been putting God on the back burner and not holding hand with Him and letting Him be apart of everything in my life. I should be so excited to open up His word and want to learn something knew that i don'tt know about God. I WANT to be so consumed with Him and just want to strive to be more like Him. I strive to love the way he loves, forgive the way He forgive, be slow to anger and He is slow to anger. All these amazing qualities that my best friend has. When you spend time with your best friend, you start to take on some of the qualities that your best friend has. That's how it should be with God and I. The more i spend time with Him, the more i will become more like Him and love Him. This is my prayer that i will be more like my Creator and people will see that and i will have to courage to bring Him up and tell them about my best friend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Heart Of Solomon

I was reading about Solomon a while back and it really caught my eye on how his request from God was wisdom and knowledge to lead God's people. Solomon could have asked for anything in this world when God asked him what he would like, but he chose wisdom. God noticed this and gave Solomon so much wisdom that he was the wisest man living. Kings would come from all over just to hear his wisdom. That is incredible. So God keeps His promise when He says ask and you shall receive...but it also has to be with the right motives. I believe if Solomon would have asked for money or things of this world, God wouldn't have blessed Him as much as He did. But God saw the heart of Solomon. So He blessed Him richly. Like it says in the Word, "Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart." This really was an encouraging story to read because it wanted me to have a heart like Solomon. Fearing God and wanting to serve Him as best as i can. Solomon knew that he couldn't lead God's people on his own, he knew that he needed God.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dear Lord,
I am asking that you would give me peace right now. I get anxious about a lot of things and take things to heart very easily. Please be my comfort and show me how to be love to your children. Show me how to be kind, forgive, be an encourager, be totally submissive to your will. I need help with all of these and i cant do it on my own. Also, help me become the woman of God that you want me to be. Mold me into something beautiful for your glory. Help me to have a quiet and gentle spirit that you call me to have and to dress modestly and to have to right mind set that i am beautiful in your eyes. I need your help with this Father cause i fall short every time, so i need You.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Sometimes there are days when i feel like i never make a difference in this world. Like what if there never was a Gretta. Would there be a difference in this world? Have i made a impact in peoples live? This question has been running through my mind at this moment and i am wondering if it is true. I feel sadly that it is not. It's sad to think that my great great great grand children will not even know my name or what i have done. Unless i use my life to the fullest for God and let Him use me how ever He wants. Because without Him i am nothing. I am nothing. But because of His grace i am something because of Him. So sometimes i feel that i am forgotten even at this moment. Which i may be forgotten by my friends and family but i will never be forgotten by my Lord. That is the thought that keeps me going. Because i know that this world will never always be here for me. They will always some way let me down and hurt me, but i know that my Father wont. He would never hurt me. Its a weird feeling know that i will be forgotten once i die. People will still keep on living their lives, doing what they have always done. It wont stop just because of me. I'm not trying to sound selfish and want everyone to stop what there doing because of my me. But it is just an eye opener to think that i am not significant at all. I'm nothing. I am just dirt from the earth and will go back to the dust of the ground once i die. But again, because of Jesus Christ i am something beautiful and worth something.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My niece is going to camp tomorrow and she reminds me of myself when i was little. She came to me crying telling me that she misses her parents and that she was getting home sick. Seeing this, i know exactly how she feels. I use to cry every single night because i would get so home sick at camp. Its amazing how time flies and thinking back to it seems like yesterday when i was telling my niece the stories of my experiences at camp being home sick.

Anyway, its just amazing how time flies. Like this year has gone by so fast and to think that i have one more year left until i go off to college. That is my next step. kind of like camp, i was super nervous and got home sick all the time but in the end it was and still is an incredible experience and i am so thankful that i have done it. That's how i think college will be. The only thing is, is that it is a lot farther away from home, but i know that the Lord will never let me down and will watch over me. I just need to trust him.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


My niece and nephews are up for the weekend and they are so much fun to be around. Spending time with them has made me want to be a mom. It makes me want to be a mommy to little kids that love me back. I guess if i have this longing for a child to call me mommy and to come running into my arms and tells me that he or she loves me, i can see God feeling the same way about me. I can see His longing for me to call Him my father and come running into His arms when i fall down and need love and protection. I know my time to have a family is a long ways a ways but my time to be a child to the Awesome God is now and it will always be now. Children are such an example to us because they are so trusting of their father or mother and that is how we are suppose to be to our God. Also, they have such an amazing amount of joy. Always laughing, smiling and just running around with happiness. We need to be the same because we are crazy about Jesus. So i guess this time with my niece and nephews has opened my eyes to how exciting it will be when i am a mother some day but most importantly that i need to have a child like faith and come running into the arms of my Father and be filled with joy because i belong to the King!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Little Sister

Today i would like to tell you about my little sister. First of all, she is my best friend. She is the type of person that is so beyond caring for people if kind of puts me to shame. She is the most giving person i have ever met. I have known her my whole life and i will always know her. That's why she will always be my best girl friend and i can go to her with anything. I love her so much and we can laugh for hours just being together. Looking back on all the memories that we have had together is amazing. We went on our first plane together. We traveled to many amazing places and saw many great things together also. My little sister means so much to me and she is such a blessing in my life. Even though she is littler then i am, she is still a great role model in my life. Her heart for children and people is so great and i can see her hunger for God growing each day. I love to spend time with her even though we are sisters and we fight sometimes i still love her to death and appreciate her so much. I know that she will always be there for me whenever i need her and that is the greatest feeling even. To know that someone has your back no matter what you have done or will do. I love my sister and always will.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Lord,
Please be my comfort right now God. My heart is just hurting and i need you Father. Please be with me every step of the way in my life. I know and trust that you will.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Love

I want God to be the love of my life. I want to please and make Him happy in anyway that i possibly can. I want to have a life honorable to my King and make Him smile down on me and say "Good work my good and faithful servant." Yet i find myself not doing my best at this desire of mine. I fall short every single time. I always put things before my Love and do things that don't honor Him. Its like what Paul says on how he does what he doesn't want to do. That's me. I fall short every single time. But some how He is always there to welcome me back with open arms and will always forgive me. That's what i want to be to my friends and the ones i love. I want to be a friend to them how Jesus was a friend to people on this earth and still is. I want to love people no matter what they do to me and always except them back with open and loving arms. If Jesus can do this and wants us to strive to be holy as He is holy and love one another then that's what i want to do to please my God. I know people will hurt me and my heart may hurt like crazy but i know that God will be there to help me love them, because i can't do it so He is going to have to. Life is not easy but i has the most INCREDIBLE friend there is to walk along side of me. Wow. I am one lucky girl. :)

Dear Lord,
Please help me love people and welcome them with open arms just how you have done to me. I pray that you would work in my heart and teach me all that i need to know so i can before more like you. I pray that you would help me to become more set- apart and different to where people cant help but see a difference in me and that i will have to strength and courage to tell them why i am the way i am. Please help me through this and help me to love and forgive my friends and the ones love.
In Your Holy Awesome Name.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bring Him Glory

I learned this out of one of a book that i read and it really caught my eye because this is exactly what i was struggling with. So many people in this world are trying to find the perfect job that God wants them to do and they are afraid that if they miss it, they don't get a second chance. Well, i learned that God doesn't care what kind of job you have as long as you are doing it for Him and giving Him all the glory. He wants you to do your job for Him. Now I'm not saying that God doesn't have a certain plan for you life but that doesn't mean that you sit around and just wait for it to come. That's what i was kind of thinking and this really opened my eyes. Everything we do is to worship our God. That's everything. Cleaning the house, school, driving your car. haha i need to have to mind set that i need to honor God and bring Him glory. For some reason this is so hard. My flesh wants to take all the credit for what i do, the gifts that God has given me. Why?.... I need to bring glory to the Giver and Maker of my gifts. Its like creating something and then someone else takes all the credit for your work and wins tons of money and all that stuff. That's what i am doing to my God when i don't give Him the credit that He deserves.

Lord, I pray that you would help me not to be so selfish and take away my wants and fill that up with a servants heart that wants to serve you and your children. God i pray that you would help me with that because i cant do it on my own. I am so very sorry that i do not give you all the credit and the glory that you deserve. It brakes my heart to think that i am stealing your glory. Help me Lord with my selfish self.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reading His Word

I can remember a while back to where it was so hard for me to get into God's Word. I remember pastors preaching in their sermons on how we need to read our bibles and really dig into the Word but i never did. But this past couple of years i have really seen God work in my life and now i just want to get to know him. He is my friend and that is the only way that i will be able to get to know my Best Friend. It really shows on how we need to own our faith. We need to search God for ourselves and not take the "rumors" of God but really learn about Him ourselves. That's what i am trying to do, is really get to know this amazing God that i serve.

I have been reading Acts a lot and to be honest i have never really read it before. But i am so glad that i have been reading it because all the stories of Peter, Paul and all these people that loved the Lord with literally all their heart! They are such an incredible example to me and it gives me such an excitement to want to go out and love people and telling them about this AWESOME God that loves they with an unconditional love. So i guess for my plan from this day forward is learning all i can about my God and living it out! That's the toughest part but with God's help i can totally do it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Why is this such a constant struggle for me? Why do i give into the stupid lie that i am so not worth it and that i can never measure up? That i will never be pretty enough.....This has been really hard today for me. I get these little comments in my head when i look in the mirror that I'm not worth it. ughhhhhh

God, i am asking that you would show me the way that you see me. I need your beauty in my life, not the beauty of this world but yours. I pray that you would make my body healthy and give me the strength to help my body become more healthy. I almost feel like I'm sinking in the water right now like peter and i need you to give me your loving Hand to rescue me. I cant do this on my own. Help me to accept how you created me and show me that i am fearfully and wonderfully made. God, help me to believe that and know that. Help me to know that i am beautiful in your eyes and unquie and special. I love you with all my heart and i am trusting you with my life.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Come and Go

I am thinking about my life and looking back on the precious moments i had with my family, things Ive done with my friends, amazing people i have meet, wonderful places i have seen but one thing is the same about all of them, they all come and they all go. They are all so short. None of them give you a satisfied feeling of contentment and amazing joy. I have learned and it took me forever to learn that people in my life will come and go. I will meet incredible people that the Lord will put in my life and eventually we move on and God brings us to meet new incredible people. Man......i wish it didn't have to be like that because when i meet someone and create a relationship with them, I'm like attached and i don't want to ever see them leave......but this is where i need to just give them to God and realize that God will always be there with me. He stays there, and will never leave. We are literally Best Friends Forever. I am also working on walking in faith. This is so hard for me but i know that Gods plans are great so I'm going to follow His lead. Where ever that may be. I know where He wants me to go but i have been laying if off forever because of fear. Fear. My flesh is so stupid. Why do i doubt the Creator of EVERYTHING?? Why do i not trust the God who sent His son to die for me so i can live with Him forever in heaven because he loves ME so much!!!! Why?? So..... i am going to trust Him and go off to this place. Oh man, i am so nervous and so unsure, but through this my God will be with me every step of the way Holding me tight and giving me ebcouraging words every step of the way. I also know that i will be a changed person! I know that i will be so on fire for my God and i will grow so incrediblely close to Him. I just cant wait to see what God is going to do in my friends lives and mine! His plans are crazy amazing so i know i will be blown away by the plans He has for the ones that i love.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

His Plans Are Far Greater

Well today i have a voice recital at Macphail today and I'm pretty excited. It's really cool to look back on when i started voice down at Macphail and to see how far i have come. I am truly blessed that the Lord has given me this opportunity and that my parents are willing to drive down there every week. Wow. That is a blessing right there. God is sooo good. He is a God of second chances and amazing opportunity that He brings to me in my life. His plans are not my plans and they are far greater i know that. So all i need to do right now with my life