Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last night at c-groups we were talking about a verse found in John 15:16-17. It talks about how we didnt choose God, God chose us! Wow. That just blows my mind on how the Creator of this world and universe chose me and loves me with a love that i cant even imagine. I'm going to a junior and senior high retreat tomorrow and i can just feel in my heart that God is going to do something big there! I am so pumped and i each day i cant feel my heart burning for Jesus! Thats my prayer. To burn like crazy for Him.

To the Love of my life,
I pray that you would keep bringing my heart closer to yours and that my heart would refect your heart. I also pray that you would give me your love, forgiveness, peace, patience and strength. God i strive to be like you and i pray that you would fulfill that pray God! I believe you can. I love you Jesus so much......i have never in my life have been this passionate about you and i am so thankful that our relationship is growing. I am going to try with everything that i am to seek you and as your Word says, to find out what pleases you.

Love, Your friend

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today i gave my speech today on how to play the violin and the history of it. I was soo nervous but God gave a peace. He never lets me down. I am going to teach piano to one of my best students. He is such a sweet heart and I know God has amazing plans for his life. I sometimes opens up to me about his life. i don't know if i doesn't have someone to talk to but i love to listen and give him encouragement and tell him that God loves him. I am so excited for c-groups. It is always so good and God always is there.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for everything that you have blessed me with her on earth. My family and friends are amazing and i would like to thank you so much for answering my prayer. You never let me down God and You always love me no matter what! Thank you for much for everything. Help me to live my life for you! Help me to have a mind set on you and you always being my number one! I love you Lord with all my heart.
Your daughter

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Incredible Friend.

My Lord never stops blowing my mind. I have grow so close to Him and i want to strive with everything that i am to grow even closer to Him. I want my soul to burn when i hear Jesus' Name. I want my heart to leap for joy and love for Him every time i think about Him. I want Him to be my number one and always be in the front of my mind in everything that i do.

Dear Jesus, my best friend and lover of my soul,
i come before you as a child of yours ready to do your work and live for you. God, i pray that you would give me a fire burning passion for you to were i can not even contain it inside of me. Give me a light of You that shines so bright to were people are just drawn to You. God, i pray that you will use me for you glory and i ask Father to give me the courage and the strength to stand out for you. I cant do this on my own. Help guide my feet. God, you are so awesome and i cant wait for our relationship to grow into something that i could not even imagine. I love you with all my heart and help me become the women you want me to be.
Your daughter who is crazy about you.