Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Incredible Friend.

My Lord never stops blowing my mind. I have grow so close to Him and i want to strive with everything that i am to grow even closer to Him. I want my soul to burn when i hear Jesus' Name. I want my heart to leap for joy and love for Him every time i think about Him. I want Him to be my number one and always be in the front of my mind in everything that i do.

Dear Jesus, my best friend and lover of my soul,
i come before you as a child of yours ready to do your work and live for you. God, i pray that you would give me a fire burning passion for you to were i can not even contain it inside of me. Give me a light of You that shines so bright to were people are just drawn to You. God, i pray that you will use me for you glory and i ask Father to give me the courage and the strength to stand out for you. I cant do this on my own. Help guide my feet. God, you are so awesome and i cant wait for our relationship to grow into something that i could not even imagine. I love you with all my heart and help me become the women you want me to be.
Your daughter who is crazy about you.

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