Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dear Friends

Now today i would like to talk about my wonderful friend Nikki. I feel like i haven't seen her forever and i miss her so much. She is such a wonderful people and i am so grateful that i have gotten to know her. Her personality is amazing and so fun to be around. She is a type of person that just makes you laugh and smile. I also love the way she seeks after God. He drive to want to please Him and passion that she has for Him is so inspiring. Her deep thoughts that she has about God is also something really special about her. I have never thought of the questions that she has and it just makes me all the more want to know more about God. Nikki is also soooo beautiful. She is such a gorgeous girl, inside and out. I really want her to know that, and every girl for that matter. I know that God has created her for such a time as this. For a task that only Nikki can fulfill. I know that He has great things in store for my great friend and i am so excited to see where He takes her.

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