Saturday, July 10, 2010


Wow. I haven't been on this page for a while. So many things have happened and i have felt God so clearly again! I love being in the presence of my God. I have been out at Lake Geneva Bible Camp and there are so many incredible speakers that i have heard. I plan to write some of the things that i have learned from them here on this page. I hear all theses speakers and all of them are so on fire for their King and love people so much. I can see the compassion on their faces for the lost and the excitement to tell them about God. It is soo amazing to see that and experience the message about what God is telling them to share and what God is teaching them everyday. The one thing i love about camp is it is a refresher. Its a breath of fresh air and everyone there is sooo welcoming. I love being around people who are so in love with Jesus Christ. Its like one big happy family. I just cant even imagine what heaven will be like. I bet it will just blow my mind. Well, i know it will. One thing i have learned that is so true, God is always doing more then we think. God is sooo big and He is soo beyond our imagination, so His plans and thoughts are far greater then mine.

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