Monday, May 24, 2010


My heart is full of thoughts and questions that i would love to have answered right now. Don't you just wish that your timing was God's timing? hahaha that's how i feel some times but i know that my Lord's plan for my life is so much greater then what i have for myself. Faith is such a huge thing that i am struggling with. I didn't realize that faith could be so hard until you are faced with a situation that has to have faith and trust in God. Sometimes things in life are incredibly scary or where God wants you to go some place or wants you to do with your life that brings you out of your comfort zone. But I'm trusting that the plans that He has for my life are for the very best. Sometime when i have decisions to go somewhere or do something and i know that God is calling me there, i always ask myself, "Would i look back on my life and wish that i would have taken that opportunity. Would i wish that i would have done that or gone to that certain place." Some things i say yes to. And even though it sounds like the most scariest thing in the world, i know that going through with it would change my life forever. My relationship with the Creator of the world would grow so amazingly, that thinking on that, how would i not want to go. If i would go then i know that i would HAVE to put faith in my God and just by doing that our relationship would grow and for that i would be so truly blessed. So that's where my faith comes into play. To put all my trust in my Lord and know that His plans are perfect for me. He loves me and i know that He will be with me EVERYWHERE i go. Even if that means away from the ones i love so dearly. I need to go because i am a servant to my Lord and i need to do His will because i strive to please my Lord in everything i do!

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