Sunday, May 9, 2010

True Love

This day has been really great. Today is Mother's Day and i just want to honor my mother who brought me into this world and has raised me up in the Lord. I am so grateful for her. I think i take my mom for granite and i know i shouldn't. She does so much for me and not only just me but also the whole family. I love my mom so much and she is such an example of a wonderful mother. I am so blessed to have her in my life and i always will be. She is that type of person that is always there for you and is there to give you the best advice whenever you need it. She is an amazing person and the way she lives her life and raised my sister and i, i look up to her so much. I love my mom!

My older sister is up with her husband and she had us listen to a sermon that she gave on a CD. Wow. Did the Holy Spirit speak through her. She was talking about how weak our flesh is and how we need to be on watch and always be in prayer. When we do this, the Lord will reveal what He wants us to say or do. Also, to have complete surrender to God and his will. Not our will but His. She also brought up the fact the Jesus not only went through the horrific suffering of the physical side but also the emotional. He experienced total separation from God and the weight of EVERY sin there ever was and ever will be. Wow. And to think that He did that for me. The amazing part is, Jesus was so incredibly scared, He was sweating blood that's how scared he was, but yet, the love that He has for us and the surrender that He has for the Father, He went through with it for you and me. That is true love right there. There is no greater love then this. I serve this God! The God who knows each star by name. Knows how many hairs are on my head and died for me so that i could spend forever with Him in heaven. That my friends, is true love.


  1. Oh gretta lol I love you! This is a great post but if you take your mother for "granite" you take her for stone. I think you meant you take her for granted. Keep it up Gretta I love reading your blog!

  2. hahahahaha oh yes. that's what i meant. :) thanks sarah for having my back! haha :) Love ya too!