Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I thought just came into my head about beauty in this world. It is everywhere. Beauty is such a huge thing to people and everything. The sad thing is people had distorted what real beauty is. The way God designed it to be. Perfect and left the way He made it. If you think about a flower, that flower doesn't say how unsatisfied it was made or doesn't try and change its beauty because it isn't good enough, its perfect. God designed that flower with such incredible beauty that it doesn't need to be made more beautiful. Same with you and me. We are all perfect the way God made us. We are all full of God's beauty because we are created in His image. What more would we want? We are created in the image of the God who created the universe. That's incredible. So why are we so caught up in this worldly beauty that is so distorted and wrong and not strive for the long lasting beauty that will always stay beautiful. That beauty that God has given us will never fade away if we walk with Him and stay as close to Him as we can. This has just been on my heart because i did a paper on beauty that the world promotes and all the research that i found was crazy how much the media expects of women to have a perfect body. A body that wont last and a beauty that will eventually fade away. As i was reading the other day in the Word i found where God is talking to King Saul when he is suppose to choose the next king. Saul thought he found the perfect looking king. He was well built and just had the look of a king, but God had something else in mind. He had David on his heart. David was just a shepherd boy and not a king looking type at all, but God saw the heart of David and how he was a man after Gods own heart. For man look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. So with this, beauty comes from with in. With Jesus, we have a beauty that the world doesn't have that we need to share. People long to have beauty and love in their life, something that will satisfy. So let's share this Beauty and love with our friends that long for it the most.


  1. I still wanna read that report ;) it was a great topic :)

  2. hahah thanks! :) Ill have you read it sometime. How about this weekend?

  3. Sounds good! :) Again, love this post. I think I come read this like once a day just cause its so great. :) Keep up the good work!