Thursday, May 6, 2010

True Contentment

This world is so catch up in the "I want this and i wont be happy if i don't have this." Contentment is such a struggle for me personally and its something that i desire to have to much. Just being content with where ever i am in life and what is happening in my life. Paul is such a great example of being a model of what true contentment should look like. He said that he learned to be content in whatever the circumstances. Wow. So that means when we don't have enough money of college, friends are letting us down, we are fighting with our family, we loose our job, we get a D on an assignment, we are still suppose to be content with WHATEVER the circumstances. Why? Because we have Jesus Christ. Paul was so content because he knew with all his heart that his Lord loved him so much. I believed that. He accepted that Jesus came to die for him so that he could be with God forever. What more do we want then to spend eternity with our Creator. Paul for the key to contentment. Rejoicing in the Lord always. This is what is going to bring up true contentment. Rejoicing in that fact that we have a Savior that loves us so much, a God that wants to be apart of our lives, a Creator that cant stop thinking about us because He loves us so much. So instead of being unsatisfied with "things" in life. Rejoice, for we have a God that came to this earth, put himself in our level and die the most horrific death possible for you. What more would we want?

There is a book that I'm reading that talks about contentment a little bit and it is amazing. I highly recommend it. It's called "Unexplainable."

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