Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Battle

Today in c-groups, we watched a movie on how it will be in college and what we need to do to prepare for college. It really made me sad when they said christian colleges have people sleeping around, getting drunk and having parties all the time. This just saddens my heart knowing that there are so many lost people out there but call themselves followers of God. What does it mean to follow Him? Obviously this is something that we all need to consider because people aren't getting. When we accept Jesus into our life, God tells us to go and sin no more. I understand that we are sinful people and not perfect, but we need to strive with everything that we are and take the help of God to become more like Him, not become more like this world. We are called to be set apart, holy people of the God most High! Anyway, after we watched the movie, a conversation was brought up on how we aren't fighting a battle because we are suppose to love one another. But i think, we are fighting a battle. The bible says we are, but not of flesh and blood but with the dark spirits of this world. Satan. And since we are called to love each other, and they are doing something that is not right, if we truly love that person and want to help them, you would tell them that is not OK. That is love.

Wow, i have learned so much about this AWESOME God and i keep learning new stuff every single day. I am struggling with something so hard right now. I have never been in a situation like this before and it is SO hard. But looking back and looking right now at my life in this hard time, i know it is for a purpose. I know God is doing it for a reason and in the end it will turn out into something beautiful. My Jesus loves me so much that i can't even comprehend so i know that He cares about my life and my worries. This time in my life i know will be gone so fast. I need to learn to not take for granite the little things in life and live every day to the fullest and act as if i would die tomorrow. I need to. My life is so short and it bugs me to think that i waste it on stupid stuff instead of giving it all to my God. I have so many plans and goals in my life, but my biggest one and most important one is living 100 percent for my Jesus!

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  1. Gretta you are such a sweetheart, I love reading this and being so encouraged and inspired by the things that God is laying on your heart! Keep Shining his light girlie. I love you!