Saturday, April 10, 2010

Precious Moments

We were on our way to the cities for Macphail and i was sitting by gabbie and she is getting closer to the age where she wants answers for everything. So she just started talking about Jesus and how much she loves Him. It was the greatest thing. Then she started asking questions like "did Jesus know he was going to get hurt that bad when he died on the cross for us " or " Did God create Jesus?" I was so cool to talk to her about Jesus and it was also so precious when she said " do you know who i love to talk about?" and i said who? She said " Jesus." I thought that was so cute and so special.

Today i just feel so drained. I just cant wait for school to be over so i can spend a bunch of time with my Prince. I love spending time with Him so much and i wish i could give every moment to Him. When i was homeschooled, i had the exucse of reading the bible instead of my school, but i dont think that would work to well with my teachers at the tech. My God is soooo amazing and blows my mind. I love Him with all my heart and i want to learn more and more about him! He means everything to me. There are times in my life where my heart kind of hurts, but whenever i ask for Him to be there with me, he never lets me down. He is always faithful! Man, i want the whole world to know this Love that i know. This kind of relationship that will NEVER die. A friendship that will never pass away. I will be with this AWESOME friend of mine for the rest of my days. Forever. Thank you Jesus so much for dying for me so i can be with you and have this relationship with you that is so incredible. Help me to have a heart that burns for your Name.

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