Thursday, April 8, 2010

Giving Everything

I was riding today with my dad in the pump truck and it brought back so many wonderful memories of when i was little just spending time with him. I love my dad so much and have such an amazing relationship with him and i am so thankful so that. Anyway, we were just listening to the radio and it was talking about a Jewish man who was with the Germans and experienced so much and saw so much. Such horrible things that just make me sick. I can't understand why man can be so incredibly cruel to other human beings. it is just so sad. When we were listening, my dad started telling me this story about a German who took Jewish people as "slaves" but was really helping them and keeping them alive. As my dad was telling me this, he just started braking down and crying. I have never seen my dad like that. I have seen him cry but something about that moment was different. I saw the compassion and the love that he has for people. I just started to cry with him and hearing what this man did for these people is amazing. He sold everything he had just to help them. And when it was all over, he was shaking the Jewish peoples hands and they said " your car is waiting sir " and as he looked at his car and the ring and watch on his wrist, He thought to himself, " why didn't i sell these things? Why? i could have saved 10 more people! I could have saved more people if i would have sold these things. " Man, this is love. This is what our God calls us to do. To help the people who are needy and helpless. This man had an amazing example of this and showed love to these people. If i think about what i have, i could save thousands of I am so selfish. My heart just hurts for these people in need. But yet there is something inside of me that says i can't do anything. But i know through Jesus Christ everything is possible. Ask and you shall receive. We need to stop thinking about ourselves and give what we think is so important and give to others who are dying for love and food. We need to be Jesus to people who need it the most. People are hungry. Why don't we feed them and love them?

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