Saturday, April 24, 2010

We fall but He picks us back up

Sometimes there are moments in your life where you try so hard to serve God and be everything that He wants you to be and you just cant do it. you fall. i guess i feel like i have to please people and make them happy by the way i live, but really i need to be so concerned about the way i live my life and what i do to please my Father. It brakes my heart when i know that i let him down and its a feeling that i cant explain. My life is to please God and make Him smile in everything i do. So when i screw up, i feel like i cant go on again. But i guess, that's where His amazing love comes into play. I know that he will accept me into His arms even though i don't deserve it. My heart hurts because i know i could have done better. I always ask myself why and wish i could have gone back and done it better. The way God would have wanted it. But i know that I'm human and fall ALL the time, that's why it is so hard for me to understand the love of God, that fact He will love me no matter what. Thank you so much Jesus!

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