Sunday, April 4, 2010

Give it all to God

Today was Easter. My cousin came up last night so that was really fun to see her since i haven't seen her in a long time. Glen and Mary are here also so that is also a lot of fun. They are such an amazing blessing in my life and i call them my grandpa and grandma. They have always been there for me and i know that they always will. Since
Since today is Easter, i thought i would reflect on how amazing the gift that Jesus has given the world. I watched the Passion of Christ the other day and when ever i watch it i just can't stop crying. But for some reason this time was worse. When i was watching Jesus being whipped, i kept thinking, he was thinking about me and taking all that for ME! Wow, i feel so unworthy. But the crazy thing is, He loves me so much that he took it and went through with it just so i could spend forever with him in heaven. My God is incredible. They pain that he felt, the emotional burden that he carried, the weight of every sin in the past, present and future of the WHOLE world blows my mind. I cant even imagine. That kind of love in unthinkable. This God that gave his life for me and loves me enough to be forsaken by His father and bare the sins of the world did that for me.

I have been dealing with stress today because i worry so much about homework and if I'm going to get it done and most importantly, if i will get a good grade. I have this problem where i feel like i have to be perfect at everything in school other wise I'm stupid or something. I know that I'm human and fall short all the time but i cant seem to get this one through my head. So I'm asking God for His wisdom and strength in school because everything i do is bringing praise to my God, so I'm striving to bring praise to Him with my school. I have been learning what actual worship is. Most people think worship is singing praise music and just singing for the Lord. But worship is so much more. It is obedience to God. That is the highest form of worship. Everything we so is bringing praise to Jesus.

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