Monday, June 14, 2010

My Love

I want God to be the love of my life. I want to please and make Him happy in anyway that i possibly can. I want to have a life honorable to my King and make Him smile down on me and say "Good work my good and faithful servant." Yet i find myself not doing my best at this desire of mine. I fall short every single time. I always put things before my Love and do things that don't honor Him. Its like what Paul says on how he does what he doesn't want to do. That's me. I fall short every single time. But some how He is always there to welcome me back with open arms and will always forgive me. That's what i want to be to my friends and the ones i love. I want to be a friend to them how Jesus was a friend to people on this earth and still is. I want to love people no matter what they do to me and always except them back with open and loving arms. If Jesus can do this and wants us to strive to be holy as He is holy and love one another then that's what i want to do to please my God. I know people will hurt me and my heart may hurt like crazy but i know that God will be there to help me love them, because i can't do it so He is going to have to. Life is not easy but i has the most INCREDIBLE friend there is to walk along side of me. Wow. I am one lucky girl. :)

Dear Lord,
Please help me love people and welcome them with open arms just how you have done to me. I pray that you would work in my heart and teach me all that i need to know so i can before more like you. I pray that you would help me to become more set- apart and different to where people cant help but see a difference in me and that i will have to strength and courage to tell them why i am the way i am. Please help me through this and help me to love and forgive my friends and the ones love.
In Your Holy Awesome Name.

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