Monday, June 21, 2010


Sometimes there are days when i feel like i never make a difference in this world. Like what if there never was a Gretta. Would there be a difference in this world? Have i made a impact in peoples live? This question has been running through my mind at this moment and i am wondering if it is true. I feel sadly that it is not. It's sad to think that my great great great grand children will not even know my name or what i have done. Unless i use my life to the fullest for God and let Him use me how ever He wants. Because without Him i am nothing. I am nothing. But because of His grace i am something because of Him. So sometimes i feel that i am forgotten even at this moment. Which i may be forgotten by my friends and family but i will never be forgotten by my Lord. That is the thought that keeps me going. Because i know that this world will never always be here for me. They will always some way let me down and hurt me, but i know that my Father wont. He would never hurt me. Its a weird feeling know that i will be forgotten once i die. People will still keep on living their lives, doing what they have always done. It wont stop just because of me. I'm not trying to sound selfish and want everyone to stop what there doing because of my me. But it is just an eye opener to think that i am not significant at all. I'm nothing. I am just dirt from the earth and will go back to the dust of the ground once i die. But again, because of Jesus Christ i am something beautiful and worth something.

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  1. I've thought the same thing, pal... way too many times...