Sunday, June 20, 2010


My niece is going to camp tomorrow and she reminds me of myself when i was little. She came to me crying telling me that she misses her parents and that she was getting home sick. Seeing this, i know exactly how she feels. I use to cry every single night because i would get so home sick at camp. Its amazing how time flies and thinking back to it seems like yesterday when i was telling my niece the stories of my experiences at camp being home sick.

Anyway, its just amazing how time flies. Like this year has gone by so fast and to think that i have one more year left until i go off to college. That is my next step. kind of like camp, i was super nervous and got home sick all the time but in the end it was and still is an incredible experience and i am so thankful that i have done it. That's how i think college will be. The only thing is, is that it is a lot farther away from home, but i know that the Lord will never let me down and will watch over me. I just need to trust him.

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