Saturday, June 19, 2010


My niece and nephews are up for the weekend and they are so much fun to be around. Spending time with them has made me want to be a mom. It makes me want to be a mommy to little kids that love me back. I guess if i have this longing for a child to call me mommy and to come running into my arms and tells me that he or she loves me, i can see God feeling the same way about me. I can see His longing for me to call Him my father and come running into His arms when i fall down and need love and protection. I know my time to have a family is a long ways a ways but my time to be a child to the Awesome God is now and it will always be now. Children are such an example to us because they are so trusting of their father or mother and that is how we are suppose to be to our God. Also, they have such an amazing amount of joy. Always laughing, smiling and just running around with happiness. We need to be the same because we are crazy about Jesus. So i guess this time with my niece and nephews has opened my eyes to how exciting it will be when i am a mother some day but most importantly that i need to have a child like faith and come running into the arms of my Father and be filled with joy because i belong to the King!

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