Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Friends

I have been thinking about this for a while on being best friends with God. I have always thought that i was pretty great friends with Him. I read my bible, i pray every day, i go to church every Sunday and even participate at church. But when i think about a best friend or one or my best friends, is it the same as my relationship with God? I know that God wants to be best friends with me but He is just waiting for me to come running into His arms. When i think of a best friend you always want to spend time with them, you cant wait to see them next and are always thinking about them. You pretty much cant get enough of your best friend because you just love being around them. Now when i look at the relationship i have with God i see myself thinking that i HAVE to read my bible, that its hard to sit through a church sermon. When i am writing this down and seeing how far i have to go to become best friends with God, it just hurts me so bad. I have been putting God on the back burner and not holding hand with Him and letting Him be apart of everything in my life. I should be so excited to open up His word and want to learn something knew that i don'tt know about God. I WANT to be so consumed with Him and just want to strive to be more like Him. I strive to love the way he loves, forgive the way He forgive, be slow to anger and He is slow to anger. All these amazing qualities that my best friend has. When you spend time with your best friend, you start to take on some of the qualities that your best friend has. That's how it should be with God and I. The more i spend time with Him, the more i will become more like Him and love Him. This is my prayer that i will be more like my Creator and people will see that and i will have to courage to bring Him up and tell them about my best friend.

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