Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reading His Word

I can remember a while back to where it was so hard for me to get into God's Word. I remember pastors preaching in their sermons on how we need to read our bibles and really dig into the Word but i never did. But this past couple of years i have really seen God work in my life and now i just want to get to know him. He is my friend and that is the only way that i will be able to get to know my Best Friend. It really shows on how we need to own our faith. We need to search God for ourselves and not take the "rumors" of God but really learn about Him ourselves. That's what i am trying to do, is really get to know this amazing God that i serve.

I have been reading Acts a lot and to be honest i have never really read it before. But i am so glad that i have been reading it because all the stories of Peter, Paul and all these people that loved the Lord with literally all their heart! They are such an incredible example to me and it gives me such an excitement to want to go out and love people and telling them about this AWESOME God that loves they with an unconditional love. So i guess for my plan from this day forward is learning all i can about my God and living it out! That's the toughest part but with God's help i can totally do it.

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