Friday, June 4, 2010

Come and Go

I am thinking about my life and looking back on the precious moments i had with my family, things Ive done with my friends, amazing people i have meet, wonderful places i have seen but one thing is the same about all of them, they all come and they all go. They are all so short. None of them give you a satisfied feeling of contentment and amazing joy. I have learned and it took me forever to learn that people in my life will come and go. I will meet incredible people that the Lord will put in my life and eventually we move on and God brings us to meet new incredible people. Man......i wish it didn't have to be like that because when i meet someone and create a relationship with them, I'm like attached and i don't want to ever see them leave......but this is where i need to just give them to God and realize that God will always be there with me. He stays there, and will never leave. We are literally Best Friends Forever. I am also working on walking in faith. This is so hard for me but i know that Gods plans are great so I'm going to follow His lead. Where ever that may be. I know where He wants me to go but i have been laying if off forever because of fear. Fear. My flesh is so stupid. Why do i doubt the Creator of EVERYTHING?? Why do i not trust the God who sent His son to die for me so i can live with Him forever in heaven because he loves ME so much!!!! Why?? So..... i am going to trust Him and go off to this place. Oh man, i am so nervous and so unsure, but through this my God will be with me every step of the way Holding me tight and giving me ebcouraging words every step of the way. I also know that i will be a changed person! I know that i will be so on fire for my God and i will grow so incrediblely close to Him. I just cant wait to see what God is going to do in my friends lives and mine! His plans are crazy amazing so i know i will be blown away by the plans He has for the ones that i love.

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